Monday, April 2, 2012

Blog Update

Just a note to let you know i am back , and creating ... at the moment i'm creating Wallpapers and matching FB Time lines . I hope to add more tags as time permits ...
I'm also in the process of trying to upload everything back on to this Blog , perhaps i think there may be some surprises hahaaaa .... i cannot for tthe life of me remember everything i have , but will feel much happier once they have all found their home here .
The top previes is of a new Wallpaper i've created with matching Facebook Timeline ... if anyone has any comments opr ideas , please feel free to leave a message or contact me.....♥
Hugs ,

Welcome to Everyone.....

A warm hello to anyone who is still following this blog , i've been on leave , now i am back and ready to create again . Lately i've been creating Wallpapers and matching Time lines for Facebook . The above preview is of one of my latest Wallpapers ... it too , has a matching Time line....
As we speak i am still trying to work out how to upload them to this Blog for you ... however, i thought it only best that i wrote and let you know , i am creating again .... thank you so much if you are still here with me ♥
Hugs and appreciation ,

Sunday, January 11, 2009

These i made from roo,s
scrap kit,s there ptu and you can get them here



this was made from jeannie,s scrap kit which you can get from here

Tag,s i,ve made

These tag,s i made with a scrap kit by stacey
from here


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday ... 10 - 01 - 09

Saturday evening, all is well , today has been busy with visitors , seems like they didn't want to go , hve you ever had those kind of days? i caught myself thinking, quite a few times, if they hadn't have been here, i could have been doing so much here on the pc " smiles . We are about to become the proud parents of 2 baby Lorrikeets , which are an Australian native bird, very pretty in colors, they are still being hand fed , we saw them yesterday afternoon , and have been searching for one , for about 2 years now, never thinking we'd come across any that were this young and so beautiful Wayne is thinking now that he may go into breeding them , i'm just thinking they will be more to love. Perhaps our dear little Molly ( Shih-Tzu ) will have something to say about it though , this will be the only worry . Molly is my world, you will often have to sit through rantings about Molly , she is very precious to me, she's so gentle and loving, she was also a pound rescue dog , her other owners were very cruel to her, i think she is a gift from God . I found her, fell in love with her, then had to convince Wayne, who was determined that there would never be another dog in this household lol, but what does a man know ? once he saw her, his heart melted .

Tomorrow is going to be a day of gardening, weeding , that sort of thing , i'll be doing my share very early before the heat sets in . Can't wait for Autumn to set in, hopefully it will be showing signs of cooler weather in around 6-7 weeks yay !

I wish you a Blessed weekend wherever you may be,

Good Night and God Bless You and Yours...



Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wed - 07 - 01 - 09 Finlly found time to make a post , this week has been extremely busy , lots of Family things , have also been quite sick with the dreaded flu. My ! it takes the energy out of you , can't remember how long it has been tht i haven't not been craving food, but this has taken all of that away , that must be a plus , i think :-) food is one of my most favorite things , oops ! hould i be writing that down HaHaHaaaaa . Did i tell you that this week my husband bought me 2 diamond rings , i've been wanting some new ones for about year now, never thought i'd actually get them though . I do have our original engagement and eternity rings, but with weight gain and arthritis, they are way too small, they are put away for our Granddaughters , they are gold , with sapphires and diamonds. The new ones are white gold and completely different in setting ... i ramble on and on don't i ? " smiles " Today i created another tag from a beautiful scrapkit by Babzy of SweetnSassy . Have been designing 1 - 2 tags with matching extras on a daily basis now for the past week , will upload them as soon as i know how...

If anyone is reading , i wish you and yours a beautiful evening or morning whereever you may be.

Good night ,
God Bless You and Yours,

signing out for this time... talk soon...